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The Blue Hills Trail was established in 1987 by a group of local x-country skiers. The organization reincorporated as the Blue Hills Trail Association (BHTA) in the fall of 2006 to reflect the increasingly regional nature of the operation and to facilitate the attainment of 501c3 status.


The group remains dependent on annual membership dues, donations, and the cooperation of the Rusk County Forestry Department for its continued existence. New members, suggestions and financial support are all greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that support the Blue Hills Trail System year round.






Trail Conditions

Wednesday morning, February 22, 2017:

Sunshine, near record warmth, and rain has deteriorated the base. The heat's been on since Friday (February 17), with 1.0" rain Monday. Tuesday morning the trails had a patchwork of saturated corn snow, icy stretches, and occasional bare spots. Sun exposed areas are obviously taking a big hit, while sun sheltered trails have a full cover of damp corn snow.


If visiting the trails this week, you won't find mid winter conditions, but you certainly can enjoy the spring-like awakening of the woods. Consider using an old pair of waxless classic skis to explore the trails during these warm days. Expect to cross icy stretches, bare ground, and wet spots intermingled with long stretches of snow.


As another option, put on your hiking boots and explore the three snowshoe trails that start at the warming house.

Grooming Update

Most recent grooming was...

Sunday (February 19)

Groomed skate lane on much of the Eastside core loop and a few adjacent trails.


We've groomed this old snow over and over, our groomers got an amazing amount of skiing from the limited snowfall we've received, and warm temps and rain are melting the base. We won't be grooming until colder temps bring back the snow.



February 20: 1.0" rain!


Latest snowfall

February 7: a.m. light freezing mist

                   p.m. dusting of snow

Annual totals - click here.