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The Blue Hills Trail was established in 1987 by a group of local x-country skiers. The organization reincorporated as the Blue Hills Trail Association (BHTA) in the fall of 2006 to reflect the increasingly regional nature of the operation and to facilitate the attainment of 501c3 status.


The group remains dependent on annual membership dues, donations, and the cooperation of the Rusk County Forestry Department for its continued existence. New members, suggestions and financial support are all greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the individuals and businesses that support the Blue Hills Trail System year round.







Trail Conditions

Tuesday morning, January 23, 2018:

Estimate of 9" heavy snow from Winter Storm Jaxon.

We don't expect the access road (Firelane Road) to be plowed until some time Wednesday.


When we start grooming this abundant snowfall, the trails will be soft until the snow sets up and groomers are able to make multiple passes. While awaiting firm skiing conditions, consider exploring our snowshoe trails - visit the 'TRAIL MAPS' link on our main menu where you'll find our "SNOWSHOE TRAILS MAP".


90% of the ski trails are open - including all the Westside, most of the Eastside. Bring your good skis.


If you're new to this trail system, there are three trail segments that are safer to ski the first time in an uphill direction. Click on this map link -- the pink arrows indicate the safer uphill direction.


To avoid two erosion prone bridges, we've abandoned the north (lower) half of the Eastside 'S-curve trail' that ran between 20-2. To take its place, in August we dozed a new trail that runs from 20-00-2A. It has a challenging downhill as you approach 2A. Familiarize yourself with this trail by first skiing it uphill from 2A-00. Continue from 00 to the intersection at #20 for a great route to / from the ridge line. Click here for a video showing this fun trail.

Grooming Update

Here's what's up:

Hoping to start grooming the new snow beginning Tuesday, January 23 (if we're able to navigate the Firelane Road and access the trailhead).


Here's what we've been up to:


Friday (January 19)

Touched up skate lane first on Westside, then Eastside core loop.


Grooming started December 11 with clearing of ice storm debris. Groomers worked almost daily December 11-19.



Latest snowfall

January 22: estimate = 9" heavy snow

Annual totals - click here.