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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

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Are ATVs and snowmobiles allowed?

The entire trail system is non-motorized and intended for silent sports activities. Report violators to the Rusk County Sheriff's office 715-532-2200.


What fees are charged?

As a minimum, we request a $5/person/day donation at the trailhead - please contribute more.

The Blue Hills Trail Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with an annual budget of $17,000-$20,000.  Please support us either through daily donations, memberships or separate donations.


How can I become a member of the Blue Hills Trail Association?

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Thank you - your support helps us remain financially stable.


How can I donate to the Blue Hills Trail Association?

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Thank you - your support helps us keep these trails available to all.

Click here for a list of donors for our current fiscal year.

Please consider leaving your legacy of support by including the Blue Hills Trail Association Inc in your will.


Do you have maps of the trail system?

Click here for trail maps.


Do you groom for classic skiing?

You are welcome to stride (classic ski) on any of the trails. Groomers place classic track on most of the trail sections, often totaling 25 km. We do not place track on steeper downhills, some downhill curves, narrow/rough sections, or technically challenging trails. After some heavier snowfalls, it may take a couple groomings before the snow is ready for fresh classic track. Setting track often requires a magical combination of adequate fresh snow, the right humidity, and cooperative temperatures.


Is snowshoeing allowed?

Snowshoers are welcome. Dedicated snowshoe trails start behind the warming house (these have been added beginning December 2011). Click on the following links for maps showing the snowshoe trails: Nordic Pines Trail or Rolling Oaks Trail or Ridges Trail. If snowshoeing on the ski trail, please stay toward the side of the groomed surface to lessen your impact on the skating lane - and it goes without saying that you should avoid the classic track.


Do you rent skis and/or snowshoes?

We don't offer rentals - visit the 'Shops & Lodging' link for suggestions of ski shops that may offer rentals.  Snowshoes may be available for loaner use at the Visitor's Center in Ladysmith.


Is it OK if I walk (hike) on the ski trail?

No! - walking on any portion of the groomed ski trail ruins the grooming. Similar to the surface of an ice skating rink, we try to maintain a smooth surface for skate skiers, and of course the classic tracks need to be crisp & clean.


Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed on the Eastside of the trail system.

Dogs are allowed on the Westside - access is best at Letter A, OK at Letter L.


Are horses allowed?

Horses are not allowed on the Eastside of the trail system.

During dry conditions in summer & fall, horses are allowed on the Westside - the best access is at Letter A.


Are snow bikes allowed?



Are bathrooms available?

We maintain separate pit toilets for men and women - find them north of the warming house at the trail head.


Do you have running water?

No running water is available. Please supply your own hydration.


Do you have electricity available?



Is the warming house heated?

Yes. During the ski season, the warming house is heated to 62 degrees F during the daylight hours, 45 degrees F overnight.


Are the comments in the logbook in the warming house available online?

As of December 2010, many of those comments will be posted on our blog.

Click here for archived comments from the warming house logbook.


Is cell phone service available?

No. But you may be able to receive cell phone service about 3 miles south of the warming house on County Highway O.


Where is the closest lodging?

Click here for lodging.

More lodging is available at Christie Mountain, Bruce, Weyerhaeuser, Ladysmith, & Rice Lake.

Lodging information is also available at these websites:

Rice Lake Tourism

Rusk County Tourism


How can I contact you?

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